Echo Community Church
Freelance Project

Create a new logo for new church starting in the White Marsh, Maryland area.

Echo Community Church (ECC) was a new church location being started in the Perry Hall/White Marsh area, aiming to serve the local communities as a “satellite campus” of sorts, still under the main leadership and guidance of Trinity Church in Lutherville, Maryland. The target demographic for the church was young adults & families with children. ECC was intended to be an “outreach heavy” church that focused on ministering & reaching out to the community through efforts to meet the needs of others around them, both on an individual level & as a united church body.

The choice of the word “Echo” had many meanings. They included, but were not limited to, the following:
•  A church body desiring to echo the words & life of Jesus to the community.
•  A church body desiring to echo God’s word in their own words & lifestyle.

The church specifically wanted to avoid cliché imagery associated with churches such as a globe, icthus (fish), cross, Bible, dove or fire. The client wanted the logo to embrace their mission and appeal to the desired demographic while remaining contemporary and as timeless as possible.
Idea Mapping

Concept Sketches

Preliminary Designs
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