Army Technology Magazine Covers
BRTRC Federal Solutions Project

The U.S. Army RDECOM produces a bimonthly publication, Army Technology Magazine, that focuses each issue on a particular topic within the research, development and engineering world of the U.S. Army. The client requested the creation of artwork for the cover that would help generate visibility for the magazine and quickly and effectively convey the focus of each issue.

The following images are various covers designed for the client, as well as the tasks contributed to the design of the final product.

Issue 1-2
Contributions: Concept & Design
Issue 2-1
Contributions: Concept & Design
Issue 2-2
Contributions: Concept Development, Photography Direction & Editing, Design
Issue 2-3
Contributions: Concept Development, Photography Direction & Editing, Design
Issue 2-6
Contributions: Concept Development, Illustration & Design
Issue 3-1
Contributions: Concept & Design
Issue 3-2
Contributions: Design (Rendering courtesy of AMRDEC VizLab)
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